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Thordon Bearings joins World Ocean Council

Thordon Bearings, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative non-polluting marine bearing solutions for ships, has joined the World Ocean Council.

The Canadian company is helping ship owners eliminate oil and grease discharges from their ships contributing to sustainable operations and cleaner oceans and seas. Operational and accidental oil discharges from propeller shafts into the sea are estimated to be 130 million to 240 million liters per year. Thordon’s non-metallic propeller shaft bearings are lubricated with seawater, not oil, completely eliminating the use of oil – helping ship owners meet current and future global pollution regulations.

Craig Carter, Director of Marketing and Customer Service at Thordon Bearings, stated, “Ensuring ocean industries are addressing their marine environmental impacts and contributing to clean seas requires a global approach for a global ocean. Thordon Bearings is pleased to become a member of the World Ocean Council. This unique international industry alliance creates the opportunity for Thordon and other innovators to work with leadership companies from other sectors to tackle the shared sustainability challenges affecting the future of the ocean and of business operations.”

“Thordon Bearings is exemplary of the leadership companies that are identifying and providing solutions to avoid and reduce industry impacts to the marine environment – in ways that work with and for responsible operators and support continued responsible ocean business development. By joining the WOC, Thordon and other solution providers are able to engage with like-minded leadership companies to accelerate the development and application of these solutions,” noted WOC Chief Executive Officer, Paul Holthus.

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